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Thursday, April 4, 2013

DUI and Why You Are Pulled Over

The DUI Law
Driving under the influence is one of the most serious offenses under the umbrella of criminal law. Any person who is on DUI could become a killer, or a culprit to any crime. Why? Because when a person is driving while intoxicated, he will become unconscious on his driving. He will become incapable to identify whether he is still adhering to the traffic rules or not. DUI is regarded as the most dangerous because it can cause accidents or deaths to innocent people on the road. 

Drunk driving is strongly prohibited. Most states and governments are implementing stricter rules. They increase the police visibility in every roads or public ways to ensure that nobody got escaped under their careful watch. The Blood Alcohol Concentration limit was locked to the .08 level. Anyone who is caught with BAC .08 will be automatically put under the police custody. However, not all people who are drinking and driving get caught. There are times that they went underway, unnoticed. Because these people are not showing some clear signs of impairment. The drunken person may only get pulled over when he is violating traffic laws like;
  1. speeding
  2. tailgating
  3. failure to yield right of way
  4. ignoring traffic signs
  5. frequent changing of lanes
  6. illegal parking
  7. smashing mailboxes
DUI is no more than a traffic violation at first. But when the officer tries to delve deeper on the cause of the violation, he will find out that the driver was impaired by an intoxicated drink or drugs. So, we can now see how DUI is caught. There are also certain considerations that is done by the officer before the driver is considered on DUI. The officer will inspect his eyes, whether he has blood shot eyes and blurry vision. The officer will inspect his tongue, whether he chewed a cocaine or marijuana. The breath inspection may be apparent from the time the driver rolls down his window. When the officer found out that the driver is positive of all the checks. He will be ask to take a Breathalyzer test to determine the amount of the alcohol in his blood. The Breathalyzer will also determine the kind of consequences the driver will have.

However, when you are involved of this kind of offense. It's not yet the end of the world. You can still lighten your burden up through hiring the most capable Orlando DUI lawyer.  If you are caught, which seems inevitable if you like to drink, contact the best lawyer in your place before you answer some initial questions. Remember, anything you said will be charged against you. So, it is important to play safe, keep you mouth shut and call your lawyer. 

People often commit mistakes in the time of arrest. They often say hurting words against the officer. They are babbling and shouting. It's like they are blaming the officer for their wrongdoings. This is not right. You have to be calm. Talk to the officer and tell him if you can call your lawyer. Tell him that you should speak your lawyer first before you give further statement. Remember, DUI is a criminal offense. You have to be watchful especially with your words. So, talk to your lawyer first before admitting your statements to the police.


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