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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Indispensable Facts on Bail to Get Out of Jail

Bail to Get Out of Jail
Even just for a day or two, it is unlikely that an accused being defended by dui lawyer Orlando would prefer to spend time in jail as a consequence of committing a particular offense. The reason is not only the stigma but likewise the difficulty of securing a job when the matter is put on one’s criminal record. Worse yet is the fact that imprisonment can only be one among other penalties which may be imposed by the court; as such, it is crucial for the defense lawyer to have well-founded stand during the trial to lower the possible sentence. But prior to the court hearing, it is necessary to post bail for the defendant to temporarily stay out of jail pending the case litigation; below are the indispensable details relative to that:

Purpose and Setting of Bail 

Bail is not per se a payment for the person not to suffer the penalty as its primary purpose is serving as an option for the defendant to temporarily stay out of jail after the arrest. It can be in the form of cash, property or bond that is given to the court for the assurance of having the presence of person during the trial upon formal order. If in case the accused fails to attend during the hearing, the court will keep the bail and issue warrant of arrest to detain him/her. Meanwhile, the judges have the responsibility of setting bail based on the schedules set forth to serve this purpose. But if the defendant cannot afford the amount required, the recourse is asking the judge through top criminal lawyers to lower such during the bail setting hearing or first appearance in court.